North Loop Road

Continuing northward the road goes by Sulfur Cauldron, Buffalo Ford, and Mud Volcano - all excellent fishing destinations. Leaving the Mud Volcano area the road allows the visitor to traverse the length of the Hayden Valley and approach the Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River. Several opportunities for viewing the falls exist on both sides of the river. Places such as Inspiration Point, Artists Point and others are located on this section of road. The road continues a short distance to Canyon Village where the visitor can pause for refreshments and visit an interpretive museum. The road junction at Canyon village allows the visitor to go north and explore the North Loop Road, or turn west to continue the Lower Loop Road.

After traversing the HooDoo's the road passes the upper and lower terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs as it enter the park headquarter's complex at Mammoth Village (the old Fort Yellowstone [officially - "CAMP SHERIDAN"], built during the Army Years.)

At Mammoth, the visitor may exit the park by traveling north to the town of Gardner, or continue eastward on the North Loop Road. this option lets the visitor enjoy Udine Falls, Wraith Falls, The scenic beauty of Blacktail Deer Plateau, and view a standing petrified tree. As the visitor continues eastward the road skirts the Yellowstone River Valley and approaches the Tower-Roosevelt junction. The road leading east from this point explores the Lamar Valley and the Lamar River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek, Ice Box Canyon, and leads ultimately to the Northeast Entrance and Silver Gate & Cook City.

South from Tower-Roosevelt Junction the North Loop Road passes Tower Falls of Tower Creek as the river plunges into the lower portions of the Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone. Continuing south of Tower Falls the road climbs to Dunraven Pass (currently closed for road repairs,) and drops down to Canyon Village.

The north and south loop roads combined are referred to as the Grand Loop Road and encompass only the more popular of the park's many attractions. With an area of over 2,100,000 acres Yellowstone National Park has more area than that of Rhode Island & Delaware combined. It hardly does the park justice to drive the roads, then leave.